(Written by Doctor Skye Branovan Davis)
Let me explain why your bra is such a poor choice for your breast health, not to mention your immune system. Bras cause stagnant lymph vessels, lymph enlargement and swollen glands in the areas where your underwire digs and your breasts are smashed in the cups. Our Camis have variable compression in the molded cups so they adjust to your changing body (our breasts change size throughout the month.)

Without a doubt, I see breast lymph congestion and connective tissue restrictions exactly where the bra line hits and above and below the breast including the armpits. Bras cross major lymph vessel pathways and may act like a tourniquet. In a Ruby Ribbon Cami, there are no pressure points on the delicate parts on or around your breasts. They feel like a second skin, supported, comfortable, with amazing lift!

This is especially true for large-breasted women whose breasts are large enough to put considerable strain on the straps and bands, causing breast pain. It’s even more true for those women choosing to wear thin strapped bras and underwires. NOT TO MENTION, all the strain that is putting on our shoulders and neck all day. Ruby Ribbon products lift your breasts from your core which alleviates the strain and pressure on your shoulders. Breast tissue has poor lymph flow to begin with because the muscle is under the gland instead of on top of it.

Why should you care? Well, the lymph system is designed to keep the body’s fluids in balance and evacuate toxins, proteins, dead cells, and excess fluid from the extra-cellular spaces. In addition to trash collection, the lymph system transports hormones and immune cells throughout the body. It’s a vital piece of your immune system. And much of the lymph system is located in and around the chest and armpits (axillas).

Why place constrictions on one of your body’s waste disposal systems? Instead, give yourself the gift of ditching your uncomfortable bra and trying this new technology. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back out in the world shoulders back, comfortable, and with more confidence knowing you are doing what you can to be healthy and take care of “your girls”.

You can find more from Dr. Davis here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW9KmGop4XY or on her Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/skyelife/discussion/preview